Kansas City BBQ

I’m putting up a number of posts from our trip to Kansas City in late September, 2018.

We love Kansas City!  Kansas City has some of the best BBQ in the world for our tastes.  We both like spicy sauce and generally dislike vinegar based sauce.  We also prefer “wet BBQ” (which means sauce) compared to “dry BBQ” (which means primarily a rub).  I’ve found dry BBQ ribs to be too dry although many love Memphis Style BBQ.

One of the biggest BBQ chains in Kansas City is Gates.  Gates BBQ has some of the absolute best sauce I’ve ever had.  It is spicy, but not to the point where you cannot taste the meat.  We usually get sandwiches at Gates.  Gates has around 20 locations in the KC area so one is usually close by.  We went to one of the original locations which is across the street from their training office.

Arthur Bryants is the other chain we love.  Arthur Bryant’s is justly famous for their ribs.  Their ribs are just wonderful. arthur bryants


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