Scenario 2: Philippines Part 3 & Conclusion

Turn 9: Japs advance and take an undefended San Fernando on my right flank. On my left flank a motorized Jap infantry blundered into my infantry backed by an AT gun and was 3/4ths destroyed. But they have developed the position with this mistake.
On the US turn the last of the troops North of the river were withdrawn and the commandos blew the bridge.

22 - turn 9

Turn 10: On the US left flank two attacks were made on an infantry unit. The Jap infantry was lightly damaged but the Jap tank was nearly destroyed by the supporting AT gun. Note also that I’m moving troops to the undefended (but behind blown bridges) secondary victory point hexes on the right flank.

During the USA turn the Sheridan destroys the Jap tank on the left flank. There was also a counter-attack by the infantry unit and the damaged point infantry unit was reinforced. What I did not do was advance into the vacated hex on the left flank. Currently all three units are receiving support from the AT gun. If I advance they support is lost. A Jap bomber has been unloading on my troops for turns now. My fighter has been slowly whittling away at it. I held long enough for a US secondary victory condition.

23 - turn 10 end of jap move

24 - t10 end of us move

t10 secondary victory condition met

Turn 11: Japs continue to attack the strong US position on the left flank. Their bomber is just about done for. The US right flank is quiet. On the US move the Japs on the left flank are repulsed again. I’ve put defenders on the secondary VP cities.

25 - t11 jap move

26 - t11 us move

Turn 12: The Japs have brought up more armor and heavy artillery on the US left flank. The P-40 managed to shoot down the Jap bomber, but it only has three health left (out of 10) and must land within 2 turns. It will be withdrawn from further combat. During all of these turns to the South the AI is systematically withdrawing US forces to Bataan.

27 - turn 12

Turn 13: Japs artillery barrage and ground attack nearly destroy a US Infantry unit on the left flank. It withdraws both disorganized (red color) and with only 3 health left. In the Center the Japs are crossing the river, have brought up armor, and are also striking close to the jungle. The US forces counter-attack on the left flank to allow the damaged infantry unit to safely withdraw plus to cover the AT gun. In the center the US heavy infantry unit counter-attacks the Jap river crossing with minimal success. I’ve circled in green some of the reserve units on the left flank. Since it takes a couple of turns to cross the river, the secondary VPs in the center and right flank cannot be captured by turn 15.
The US never put all of their forces on the line. In Order of Battle, with inferior forces if you ever get flanked and cut off you are doomed. I kept reserves back to plug potential holes.

28 - jap turn 13

29 - usa turn 13

OOB puts in notices of things happening in the war not in your theater of battle. I think this is a nice touch. Manila is declared an open city.

t13 manila open city

Turn 14: The Japs land several hammer blows on the left, center and right. On the right flank a motorized infantry unit has moved adjacent to the bunker. In the center significant forces are attempting to force a river crossing. But the US defense on the left is in very bad shape. Multiple attacks on the Sheridan tank almost destroys it. Jap infantry is close to enveloping the entire force and can hit the vulnerable, exposed AT gun.

On Turn 14 the US forces on the left retreat out of Porac and reinforce what they can. That flank is in bad shape, but I only have to hold one more turn. Multiple units attack the Jap Armor attempting to ford in the center and drive it back. On the right flank the bunker shoots up the mounted Jap infantry. In OOB you get spanked if you run truck mounted infantry, AT guns or other units around without proper scouting.

30 - jap turn 14

31 - us turn 14

Turn 15: Japs attack across the board making good progress on the US left flank. But this is all I had to hold for the rest of the forces to reach Bataan so this was a “victory” for the USA forces.

32 - turn 15


Post Battle: I earned another 7 research points. I purchased “Block Construction” to decrease the price of purchasing fleet units. I also purchased the 2nd Radar advance. It is essential to have both radar advances in hand before you get into the Naval actions. Spotting is the difference between victory and defeat at sea.

33 - post battle 1

34 - post battle 2



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