Mutant Crawl Classics Judges Screen

mcc judge screen

The screen has three pages which can be folded out to hide dice rolls.  The MCC writers suggest GMs not hide rolls – but this gives you a convenient way to hide the die if you wish.  But keeping with the spirit of MCC tables are printed on both sides of the screen.

There is a heavy coating on the screen that is “hopefully” resistant to spilled liquids.  I’m not going to test mine for spill resistance.  16 Tables from the rules manual are included on the screen.  Only the cover (pictured) lacks a table.

I’m not sure this is the best use of your gaming dollar.  If you don’t hide die rolls, I would just photocopy whatever tables I needed to run a particular scenario and go with that.  Still, this does provide quite a few tables in an organized fashion.

I absolutely recommend against purchasing a pdf version of this.  Hard copy or nothing.  Why buy a pdf if you can photocopy the tables out of the rules?

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