Grilled Chicken Livers with Lime, Cilantro & Jasmine Rice

This is mostly from the Gas Grill Gourmet cookbook.

You take a pound or more of chicken livers.  Rinse them in water and dry on paper towels.  Then lightly brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

I double or triple skewered the livers on metal skewers.  I strongly prefer metal skewers for liver because the heat transfers to the interior of the liver through the metal skewer.  You do not want under-cooked livers or dry, shoe leather livers.

Turn your grill on preheat (I have three burners).  I preheated it for around 10 minutes and it was about 45 degrees outside.  I turned all of the burners to low and put the skewers on.  I grilled them for approximately 8 minutes, turning once.  I would watch them because over-cooking makes bad liver.

I also cut thick slices from sweet onions and grilled the slices at the same time as the livers.

I made Jasmine rice.  The cooked livers were placed over the rice.  Shredded, fresh cilantro leaves were drizzled over the onions.  I then squeezed  about a third of a lime’s worth of juice over the livers.  I had a Yuengling Black & Tan beer with the meal.

Liver is one of those things people like or dislike.  I’ve met few individuals who were “indifferent” to liver.  This was a pretty light, tasty way to prepare liver.  For the frugal among you, this meal cost perhaps $5.00 with all elements and could easily serve 4.

grilled sweet onions


lemon cillantro jasmine rice

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