US National Museum of Toys and Miniatures – Part 1

The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures is a smallish museum in Kansas City, Missouri on the campus of the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Admission was only $5 [].

About a third of the museum are miniatures – houses, rooms, furniture, dolls, etc…. They were amazing but did not hold a lot of interest for me. I took a handful of pictures of a woodworking bench and tools and a second set of hunting and shooting gear. They also had a lot of space devoted to marbles and marble shooting – something my Dad would have loved.

hand tools 1

hunting 1

hunting 2

woodworking 1

Toys fascinate us. We have been to toy museums all over the United States and Europe. This is one of the best collections we have seen in terms of breadth and quality.

Next are photos of the game systems they had on display. I only owned a Football 2 (which I about wore out in College) and the Atari (which I played “Tank-Pong” a lot). I did play the Odyssey at a friend’s house but thought it stunk even back then.

atari playstation nintendo

football 2 & tennis


genesis & xbox


playstation portable and sega gamegear



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