War Toys! – National Toy Museum Part 3

I was envious about some of these toys when I was a kid.  I did not ever get a GI Joe recoilless rifle, jeep, or navy diver outfit.  I never got a “Krack-a-Jap” cannon or submachine gun from WW2.  I never got one of those plastic toy sets advertised in comic books in the 1960s.  I looked up prices of some of these toys and the space toys from ebay and realized I would never own them.  But they are nice too look at.

Lets start with the GI Joe toys and accessories:

gi joe

gi joe medic

gi joe jeep

gi joe recoiless rifle

gi joe copter

go joe

Excepting the last picture which is a “Go Joe” era fort, the GI Joe toys were owned by a couple of my buddies.

Next are some war related toys for girls:

our wave joan

little army nurse

The “Spear-Em” could not be sold today.  Even the pictures on the box would cause an attorney to break out in hives.  Darts are thrown at enemies on horse back with different point values.  Even the dog is in danger on the box.

spear'em 1

spear em 2

Comic books advertised plastic toy sets of all sorts of combat: the Alamo, Indians attacking a Fort, etc…..

plastic toy sets

alamo set

Every boy my age had plastic soldiers.

toy soldiers - plastic

Earlier generations has metal soldiers.  There was an awesome display of Winston Churchill’s toy soldiers that I saw at his family estate in England back in the 1970s.  Sorry, no Churchill toy pictures but I do have these:

toy soldiers - metal

ww1 toys

I’d love to have that WW1 era wind up tank.

The Japanese were especially hated in WW2 and are a favorite adversary in boy’s toys from the time.

krack a jap

trap the jap

Last is a Merchant Marine game that I would try today.  The Trap the Jap in Tokyo would teach kids geography in a third of the planet.

us merchant marine

My pictures are of what interested me.  If you are interested in US toys of any type, you would enjoy a visit to the National Toy and Miniature Museum.




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