Last Set of Toys – National Toy Museum Part 4

These toys caught my attention for one reason or the other.  They don’t fit the other categories.

Erector Set – My brother Jones builds and repairs things.  He played with an Erector Set and other building toys as a kid.  In our family, my wife is the repair person.


Cootie was one of the dumbest toys I inherited from my much older brothers.  I doubt if they requested it for Christmas or a Birthday.


Easy Bake Ovens cooked using a light bulb.  My wife is a good cook, but the baking part from her Easy Bake Oven did not translate to adulthood.

easy bake oven

My parents watched The Lawrence Welk Show religiously.  The Lennon Sisters appeared on the show.  I found out in Kansas City that they had paper dolls.

lennon sisters paper dolls

Mystery Date had one of the most gonzo TV commercials of my childhood.  You can see the commercial at youtube at:  Below is a vintage copy of the game.

mystery date

The Mr. Potato Head display was very eye catching:

potato head

Pushme-Pullyou from Dr. Doolittle was one of the more deranged creations that got airtime.

pushme pullyou

We got a little dog named Snort when we moved to Alabama in 1988.  Snort was scared of pretty much everything – except My Little Pony (MLP).  A My Little Pony was left in our yard, Snort got it and was very aggressive.  My Little Pony had very heavy plastic bodies and long nylon hair tails secured with a giant metal washer.  Snort put her paws on the MPL, took the hair in her teeth, and pulled with all of her might – for months.  She eventually got the hair and the attached washer out of the doll.

my little ponys

Mego Superhero dolls were something I had no interest in – until Twisted Toyfare Theater came out.  That was a blast. This was followed by the Robot Chicken TV show which also portrayed Mego Superheros in a less than flattering light.


My wife and her siblings had a Creepy Crawlers set.  You made bugs out of melted plastic.  I never got one, but asked for one several times.

creepy crawlers

I really wanted a metal Batmobile as a kid.  The one I wanted had ejector seats, fired rockets, and had a blade that dropped from the nose to cut the Joker’s nets.



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