I got a miniature schnauzer rescue last March and named him Panzer.  Miniature schnauzers have a lot of energy and Panzer has a lot of energy for the breed.  Someone bought Panzer as a puppy for their grandmother and did not tell the grandmother.  She did not want to have a puppy like this so we got Panzer.

What does Panzer mean?  Panzer is German for Tank.

Why name him Panzer?  He is fearless, has amazing traction with his huge feet, and will bull through any obstacle.  This is also a German breed.

Below are a couple of pictures from January, 2019.  We just had him groomed.

panzer at attention jan 29

panzer butt spots jan 29

Panzer has spots on his butt which show up when he has been groomed.

panzer jan 29 of 2019

Below is a “normal” picture of Panzer in motion.

normal panzer jan 29 of 19


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