Guadalcanal Part 2

Turn 11 – Japs Attack and Die – Multiple Jap units attacked and left themselves vulnerable. I had multiple full-strength units to counter attack. Two Jap units were destroyed and a third heavily damaged. At the end of the turn the US forces still block access to Henderson Field. 23 - T11 end of Jap turn24 - T11 US part 1[Note, there is no part 2 on the US turn. I wrote that, saved it, then realized my error].

Turn 13 – US Marines Start Their Advance – Having destroyed the Jap attackers, the Marines have tactical superiority and are starting their advance. On the coast I have four units moving up to take on the bunker. In the center and East my forces are mostly resting to achieve full combat readiness.

I’ve played this scenario multiple times and this is the fastest I’ve ever been able to start going on the offense. The Japs got way over-extended in their attacks which made flanking counter-attacks easy. The Marines took few losses and can now move forward. Better, since I have a lot of time, I don’t have to move fast which greatly cuts down on the potential for jungle ambushes. 25 - Turn 13

Turn 14 – US Attacking On Two Fronts. On the coast road the bunker is being attacked. In the East troops are moved to encircle and destroy the Jap infantry unit. I have lots of time and moving carefully prevents losses. 26 - Turn 14

Turn 15 – Action in the East – The Jap Unit is heavily damaged and encircled. Because this was done carefully, Marines took no casualties. My medium term goal is taking the Jap supply point, closing off the map to the East, and then turning West to eventually attack the well defended ridge from all sides. 27 - Turn 15

Turn 16 – Henderson Field Expanded Again & The Big Picture – Henderson Field expanded again, and a squadron of Dauntless Dive Bombers is added. The Jap Destroyer shelling the Marines is about to have a very bad day. 28 - Henderson Field Expanded Turn 16

The Big Picture shows the US attacks in the East, the very heavily defended ridge pretty close to Henderson Field, and the break-out attack forming to roll down the Coast Road. The Ridge Position is initially bypassed. The attack in the East will turn West and eventually surround the ridge. Only then will the ridge position be attacked. Also note that I have a ring of defenders around Henderson Field to prevent the Japs from rushing a unit in to take the airfield. 29 - Big Picture Turn 16

Turn 17 – Why You Must Guard Henderson Field – Jap Infantry attempted to slip into Henderson Field (causing an instant loss) and were blocked. You MUST keep blocking forces around the airfield. Meanwhile, my aircraft almost sank the Jap Destroyer and Marines blew a big bunker while advancing in the East. Jap Armor is spotted on the supply point, so my AT gun is moving up. 30 - turn 17

Turn 19 – The Jap Infiltrator attempting to sneak into Henderson Field was destroyed and my troops in the West are massing to attack down the coast road. The Jap Destroyer has also been sunk. In the East the machine gun bunker was blown, the AA gun is almost destroyed, and my AT gun can hit the Jap Armor next turn. After dispatching the destroyer, my Dauntless Dive Bomber is moving into range to attack the Jap Armor.31 - Turn 19

Turn 20 to 21 – Status Report – It seems from the victory conditions that the US is in bad shape with 40% of the game over. That would be deceiving. 32 - Turn 20 Status

The US will shoot down another Jap Bomber this turn which gets them to 3 of 5 needed for a second air commander. They have massed for their offensive down the coast road with the right force mix – marine regiments and 1 light tank. The Jap Armor guarding the supply point in the East was destroyed. Those forces will now attack East to West closing on that horrible ridge. Wait and see, the US is about to unleash a beat-down. The fleet was also heavily reinforced with four cruisers. They provide a lot of shore bombardment firepower. 33 - Turn 21 Big Picture

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