Grilled Zucchini Recipe

Zucchini is cheap in season and just a couple of plants in your garden may provide a bounty.  This is a recipe Lynn & I came up with that we enjoy.

Your ingredients are fresh zucchini, olive oil and Grill Mates roasted garlic and herb seasoning.  I also highly recommend this seasoning for grilled meats. IMG_9853

Next you slice the zucchini thinly.  Place it on a plate with a single paper towel between the layers.

Zucchini has such a high water content that it should be drained before grilling.  I recommend letting it drain at least 2 hours before grilling.  The zucchini can be sliced up in the morning before you go to work and left out on the counter.    It will not go bad in 8-10 hours, will drain better on the counter than in the fridge, and grills better at room temp.  The heat from the grill will kill anything harmful (assuming that would even happen).

Start your grill.  Put the drained zucchini on a flat baking sheet.  Lightly brush a coating of olive oil on one side of the zucchini.  After a baking sheet’s worth of sliced squash has been oiled, liberally shake on the grill mates seasoning.  By the time you finish your grill should be hot.

I put the zucchini on the grill with the herb side up.  You have to watch this carefully.  Your slices are unlikely to be completely even so grilling time varies.  Turn the zuchinni once and grill the other side.  Then remove.  If you are using a timer, do not set it for more than 2 minutes per side – but given how the slices are probably not of even thickness it is better to watch it.

Remove and eat.  The zucchini reheats in the microwave very well.  I’ll make this and we will sometimes eat on it for the next five days as a side dish.

I’ve served this to numerous guests when hosting poker.  Everyone who likes squash enjoys this recipe.

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