New Georgia – Scenario 8 Order of Battle WW2 US Navy Campaign

If you have the resource points the New Georgia strategy I’ve developed after a dozen playthroughs can usually obtain a low cost win with about 20 turns left to spare. The primary objective is capturing three victory positions. Two are on one end of the island holding the majority of the defenders with the other on the opposite end of the island. Secondary objectives are clearing Rendova Island granting some limited use, AI controlled long-range artillery and capturing Munda airfield in 45 turns granting a captured Jap aircraft.

1 - Scenario Objectives

Understanding the victory positions and the difficult terrain are the key to an easy New Georgia win. New Georgia is huge. Your start points and the easily captured initial airstrip are on the far Eastern part of the island. An early beachhead easily captures one victory position. The other two victory positions are in the far West with heavy defenses. 2 - 2 Primary VPS3 -3rd Primary VP

New Georgia has multiple rivers, several high hills, and a lot of jungle. Supply points are limited and there are only two airfields. US Army troops lose organization in rough terrain and become combat ineffective. Thus, your ground troops should be 90% plus Marines. The initial ground troops should be 100% Marines. Late in the battle when the Marines grind through the layered Jap defenses in the Far West I added two heavy artillery and one light tank units. Only Marines remain combat effective moving through the jungle covering the island.

Next, I use four landing groups. Two initial beachheads are hit by multiple Marine Units. A third group consisting of three Marine regiments and two PT boat squadrons attack Rendova Island. Last, two Marine regiments stay in landing craft to more quickly seize two small ports in the middle of the island. My naval mobility is used to capture distant points while the bulk of my combat forces catch up.

Last, the Northern third of the island has terrible terrain (high hills and jungle) and no victory positions. Furthermore, the Northern third can be isolated by defending a couple of choke points. My plan is to isolate the North, guard the approaches, and massacre infiltrators while suffering minimal casualties.

My strategy is complex and can be visually seen on the screenshot below.   4 - Terrain strategy and starting positions

Turn 3 – The first beachhead was established against light opposition. An airfield is immediately available. This represents one of the most effective special forces operations of WW2. US infiltrators on New Georgia managed to build a primitive airstrip with native assistance on a Japanese occupied island. I had enough resource points to upgrade my dive bomber squadrons. One unit of Japanese defenders was destroyed by shore bombardment and strafing before second set of landings.   5 - Turn 3 First beachhead6 - turn 3 airstrip

Turn 4 – Second Beachhead Established – Second beachhead was seized under fire. After a sharp initial battle, only two damaged infantry units remain close to the second beachhead. Troops from the first beachhead are pushing inland without pausing to reorganize. The overview map shows both beachheads and the other two embarked Marine attack forces.   7 - 2nd Beachhead turn 48 - Turn 4 big picture

Turn 5 & 6 – Second Beachhead Opposition Destroyed – Massive air support and Marine attacks eliminated all opposition on Beachhead 2. Troops moving inland from the first beachhead have only encountered a weak AA group which will be quickly destroyed. Success on turn 5 brings reinforcements on turn 6. Two marine regiments are embarked in landing boats with an accompanying supply ship. The US also gets an additional 16 land command points (sufficient for 5 Marine regiments). The troops in landing crafts will be landed at the small pier on Beachhead 2. The sixteen land command points will not be used yet. I’ll take reinforcement and supply points closer to the last two primary victory objectives before applying the additional command points.   9 - Turn 5 Jap Opposition Destroyed10 - Turn 6 reinforcements

Marines run into the first Jap inland defenders as they move inland. Devastating air strikes and ground attacks almost destroy both groups of Jap infantry. 11 - Turn 6 Jap Defenders almost destroyed

Big picture, Marines are sweeping North to capture the Eastern part of New Georgia. Two marine regiments in landing craft move towards the next two small ports heading Westward. Two destroyers and a PT Boat squadron will provide firepower and supply. Marines are approaching the landing zones at Rendova Island. Two PT boat squadrons are raking the Jap defenders on the beach with their .50 caliber machine guns. After the beach is cleared, the PT Boats supply the landed Marines until the ports are organized for supply. 12 - Turn 6 big picture


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