New Georgia Part 2

Turn 8 & 9 – Pushing the Mission – The strategy is working. A small group is pushing forward on Rendova Island and does not need reinforcements. My fourth amphibious landing will capture another small supply port moving West. The destroyers provide naval bombardment. Most of the forces are far behind the lead elements – but they are in supply and are moving through the difficult interior terrain. If you land all of your forces, you encounter supply problems and you cannot quickly move more troops through this terrain. 14 - T8 Next Port Amphibious Force Approaching15 - Turn 8 Big Picture16 - Turn 9

Turn 10 & 11 – At Rendova Island two Lockheed Lightning Fighters have been dispatched to provide air firepower. The Lightnings have some effectiveness as ground attack planes, but not nearly as good as Dauntless Dive Bombers. But the Lightning has very long range which is essential given the long flight time to the only US airstrip or the off-map exit squares. On New Georgia my next to last amphibious landing was a success. Most of the reinforcements are not being landed. The marines are moving West to eliminate the Japs between them and the major victory hexes. Yet more reinforcements are available, but they will not be put ashore until the Marines close on the main Jap forces in the West. 17 - T10 Rendova Island18 - T10 New Georgia19 - T10 Big Picture20 - T11 More renforcements held in reserve

Turn 13 & 14 – New Georgia Jap Counter-Attack – Marines furthest to the East were counter-attacked by a combination of Jap armor and infantry. Further West the Marines are mopping up and preparing to capture the last three supply points on the Western part of New Georgia. Because my Marines were in good supply they easily repulsed the attack. Further west the last Jap resistance is being isolated for destruction. Much further East (off the battle map) the Marines last amphibious landing took the shore village easily, but then came under Jap air attack. 21 - Turn 13 Jap Counter-Attack22 - T 14 Jap Attack Repulsed

The last two Japs on Rendova Island are being hit with 50 caliber machine guns from the PT boats as the Marines close in. The Marines should take the last victory hex on Rendova within two turns. 23 - T14 Rendova Island

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