Battle of the Philippines – Part 2

Driving to Victory – Turns 8 to 12: The Northern East Coast victory city has been surrounded and severely damaged on Turn 8 and should fall next turn. Heavier resistance including armor was encountered on the other Northern axis of attack, but US Marine and Army troops are defeating the enemy. 15 - Turn 8 North

A furious air battle was fought over the three Marine units moving through the center of the island towards the West Coast. Several Japanese squadrons were shot down. Marines slogged their way through the horrible mountainous jungle terrain against moderate Japanese resistance. Aided by dive bombers, a strong force is moving North on the Western Coast Road. US Carriers have reached their assigned stations. A cruiser accompanied by a destroyer squadron are several turns away from rendezvousing with the South Carrier. 16 - Turn 8 Center17 - Turn 8 South18 - Turn 8 Big Picture

In the Center the last known Japanese fighter squadron was splashed in the Bay on turn 10. Three US Marine units launch coordinated attacks on the last Japanese force blocking access to the West Coast. Further South on the Coast Road, very strong US forces backed by armor and Lockheed Lighting fighters continue moving North. US forces are achieving primary and secondary objectives. Three of the six primary victory cities have been captured and the last secondary victory condition will be completed before turn 12. This rapid progress is easily seen on the overview map. 19 - Turn 10 Center and Air War20 - Turn 10 South21 - Turn 10 Objectives Checklist22 - Turn 10 Big Picture

US forces in the North broke free by turn 12 and rapidly advance on the road net. A Japanese armor and infantry unit are in danger of being cut off from the main force. 23 - Turn 12 North

Marine Units slogging through the center of the island have broken through to the coastal plain, isolating Japanese defenders on their river line. Marines are in radio contact with the main body pushing North on the Western coast road. 24 - Turn 12 - South and Center Linkup

More Land Victories and Dive Bombers Land on Carriers! – Turns 14 to 16: In the North the Japanese armor and infantry spotted on turn 12 were isolated and destroyed. Lead elements should take Carigara, the last Northern victory city next turn. All troops in the North have a unified supply line, although some troops lag several turns behind the lead elements. Unless something goes seriously amiss, the troops assigned to the North should quickly achieve their last primary objective. 25 - Turn 14 North

Dive Bombers squadrons are in sight of the carrier repositioned to the East. Big picture, all dive bombers should reach their assigned carrier within three turns. Two of the three remaining victory cities are under attack and should fall soon. 26 - Turn 14 Dive Bombers Approach Western Carrier27 - Turn 14 Big Picture

Carigara fell easily and major fighting in the North has ended. In the South armor crossed the river and is easily reducing the Japanese bunkers guarding the river. Heavy artillery arrived and should be in battery next turn. Despite significant Japanese defenders, the combination of armor, heavy artillery, and a four to one advantage in ground troops should easily take the next to last victory city in a couple of turns.

General Wrigley stepped up on stage at the General Staff Officer briefing before the assault. “We are going to make those Jap bastards die while minimizing our losses. We will attack with 3:1 superiority with river crossing backed by troops hitting bunkers and Jap defenders in the rear. Our heavy artillery will blow the hell out of them before the first tank or Garand round is fired. You got to love superior firepower, rested troops, and coordinated multiple-direction attacks. Go get them. One last thing. We captured photos showing how the Japs murdered and tortured our troops who surrendered after Bataan and Corregidor fell. Share them with the Captains and Lieutenants leading the assault. Take enough copies so every unit leader can have one.” 28 - Turn 16 Close to Taking Next to Last Victory City

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