Pacific Tide by Compass Games: After Action Report

Pacific Tide is a grand strategy World War 2 Pacific Theater campaign.  The movement, attacks, and unit placement are all driven by cards which specify what can be done on a turn.

Pacific Tide has an excellent “bot” system which can be used for solo play.  I’m playing the US & Commonwealth forces against the Japanese Empire starting in 1941.  The war in China, Burma, and India is not considered.  The game focuses on the air, naval, and amphibious warfare in the Pacific.

Combat is simultaneous.  I’m not providing a detailed rules breakdown.  I played the game on tabletop but am illustrating the progress of the war using the Vassal software instead of taking and editing photos of my tabletop game. Pacific Tide - First play 1941 Map

1941 – Japan starts the war playing the Pearl Harbor Card.  This card activates 3 areas  for movement; has the Pearl Harbor Attack; and allows 2 additional attacks or amphibious attacks.

Japan activates Okinawa; Japan; and the Marianas.  For Okinawa 3 fleets and 1 AV were moved to the Philippines.  For Japan 1 fleet moved to the Marianas.  For the Marianas 2 infantry were moved to Truk.

The Pearl Harbor Attack is next and Japan rolled a 6 which on the special Pearl Harbor results yields 2 Fleets destroyed & 2 damaged. The US Land Based Air at Pearl attacks the carrier planes without success and is destroyed.  The Japanese cannot attack the 3 US carriers in the Western Pacific until they move.

Japan then chooses to attack the Philippines and to attack Singapore.  The Philippines were attacked with 1 CV (air) and three fleets versus 1 US fleet.  This gives Japan 5d6 and the US 1d6.  Japan rolls poorly getting one hit and the US gets a hit.  Both Japan and the US have one fleet damaged and none sunk.  I then made a mistake.  The US fleet was required in this situation to retreat away from this area but I forgot to do so.  Guess the damaged fleet steamed into a rain squall and broke contact.

Singapore was attacked with 2 land based air from Indonesia which is 4d6.  The UK has one land based air in defense and gets 1d6 in defense.  Both roll only one hit so the UK air unit is destroyed as is one Japanese land based air.

Overall, the Japanese rolled very poorly and the US and the UK rolled unexpectedly well.

The Pearl Harbor card allows Japan to either pass the turn or to immediately play another card.  Japan chooses to play another card: Air Operations.

Air Operations: Activate 2 areas for Movement = NW Pacific & Marianas
NW Pacific = Entire navy in area moves to Wake
Marianas Air moves to Indochina
Attack 1 Area = Philippines with 1 land based air (Indochina, group that moved cannot attack) 1 CV for 4 die all against the fleet. 2 hits = sunk. 1 Die AA = no hits.

US Turn plays Emergency Evacuation Card. 2 Infantry moved from Philippines to Singapore.

Japanese turn plays Yamamoto Card
The card allows activating one area for movement and two attacks or amphibious assaults.  Japan activates the Philippines for movement: 2 fleets, 1 CV to Singapore; Damaged Fleet to Japan for eventual repairs.  The attacks on this card give an additional die of attack value.

Japan makes an unopposed amphibious landing in the Philippines using 2 infantry from Japan to capture the islands.

The fleet at Singapore is attacked with 1 land based air (Indochina), 1 CV and 2 Fleets which gives 7d6 attack giving 3 hits sinking the UK fleet.  The UK fleet rolled 1d6 for no hits.  The other Indonesia Land Based Air attacks the four infantry units using 3d6 versus 1d6 AA fire.  The land based air scored one hit which removes the entrenchment and the AA fire resulted in no hits.  Japan’s turn ends. Pacific Tide 1941 after Yamamato Card Map

US Plays Air Builds Card
1 Area Activated for Movement – Western Pacific – all units move to Pearl Harbor
1 Land Based Air placed at Midway

Japan Plays SNLF Marines Card
2 Infantry placed in Japan
Amphibious Attack on Singapore: 3 infantry (max allowed by card) 1 from Philippines, 2 Indochina.  The attack gives a 1die plus.

Singapore attacked by 3 infantry (3 die), 2 land based air from Indochina (4 die) 1 carrier (1 die on land group) and 1 fleet (1 die) + 1 for the card = 10 die attack for 6 hits – all four infantry destroyed.  The 4 US and Commonwealth infantry roll 4 die for 1 hit and 1 Japanese infantry dies.
Singapore occupied by 2 fleet, 1 CV and 2 Infantry

All cards played. End of year. One damaged fleet repaired in Tokyo and one repaired in Pearl Harbor.  1941 Ends. End of 1941 Fleets Repaired Map

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