Boucherie – December 7 2019

A fun group had a Boucherie at Charles & Jessica’s on December 7, 2019.  Boucherie’s are a Cajun tradition where a group of friends buys a whole pig, divides up the parts, each person cooks a dish, and they get together and eat with sides and beer.

Everyone made something, but our main cooks and coordinators were Charles, Jessica and Garry. CharlesJessicaGarry

Sausages were put together the day before along with boudin balls, cutting up hog skin for crackling; along with others making their specialties at home. SausagesCracklin Boudan Balls & Ribs

We also had a wonderful assortment of sides. Great Sides

Everyone had a good time – even Brian who should look happier after eating the noble pig that he raised and drinking beer. Happy BrianLaura & CamHappy FolksDan Glen Kris


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