Halfaya Pass Conclusion: Scenario 2 Sandstorm

Halfaya Pass Conclusion
The last of the British Commonwealth offensive in the North is crushed on Turn 6. German fighters down a Spitfire leaving the tactical bomber doomed. Turn 7 sees German Reinforcements (a Panzer IIIJ is purchased) and an 88 anti-tank gun is provided. Unless reinforcements arrive, Axis forces should sweep the board.22 - Turn 6 - A torched offensive23 - Turn 7 - an 8824 - T7 More Command Points25 - T7 Big Picture

On Turn 8 there are reports of a British unit attempting to swing to the West and capture Sollum. But the victorious forces in the North are rapidly moving South and should easily destroy this probe. Turn 9 witnesses the easy destruction of the single British unit. 26 - T8 South27 - Turn 9 South part 128 - Turn 9 South Part 229 - Turn 9 Overview

This attack and counterattack highlights a poor design choice in this series. Enemy zone of control is clearly highlighted with 100% precision on the map. This identifies the exact position of lead elements which makes counterattacks far easier in conditions of poor scouting far, far too easy. It would be better to either make the zone of control invisible until scouted, or make it a uncertain hex radius so you have reports of an incursion, but no clear identification of enemy unit position.

On Turn 10 a second unit was discovered which followed the exact track of the earlier probe. This mild surprise is easily destroyed. Halftrack mounted infantry and Italian forces have captured all British supply points excepting one by the end of Turn 11. However, a fuel shortage hits which stops the counter-attack cold.30 - T1031 - T11 Second infiltrator killed32 - Fuel Shortage

Turn 14 dawns with renewed fuel supplies and a massive combined arms Axis attack ending in total victory on Turn 15 (of 20). This was an easy victory for three reasons. First, the British advance in the North had two columns which did not guard each other’s flank. Second, the attack in the South was piecemeal. Third, the zone of control design issue discussed earlier makes it easy to pinpoint lead enemy units giving better intelligence than merited by the situation.  Germany finally gets enough research points to purchase scrambling. 33 - T14 Back in Supply34 - T15 Victory35 - Scrambling Tech

Hitler is pleased and presents Rommel with a Field Marshall’s Baton. Rommel’s wife Lucie wrote that the baton “is the gaudiest stick in the Reich.” Mussolini sends an extra cargo ship full of Italian Wine to his North African troops to commemorate the victory. Nazi Batonmussolini

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