221B Baker Street

I played this with Lynn this evening.  This was a relatively simple, yet fun game.  We played the cooperative game which would play much faster than competitive.

You are trying to solve a mystery.  You need to know the murderer, motive and method.  There are a number of suspects to start the case.

There is a board and you move around with a single die.  There are 14 London locations and 221B Baker Street.  Clues may be at the 14 locations.  Some of the clues are irrelevant or misleading.

We solved the case after collecting 10 of 14 clues – mostly because clue 10 finally gave us an indication of the weapon.  To solve the first case you must know the murderer, motive and weapon.

There are 200 cases in the game – so we have 199 left to go.  This took about 30 minutes to play including the minimal setup.  This was fun, you can play this competitively or cooperatively.  And it is not so complex that it prevents drinking.

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