Covid College Basketball

Lynn and I have had scholarship seats for Auburn’s Men’s Basketball for many seasons. This year with Covid, things got strange.

Seating is limited to 20% of capacity. When school is in session, most of the tickets are going to current AU students and player families. Even scholarship ticket holders are seeing very few games this year. This is ok with us, because for many college students this is the only time they get to see big time college basketball. Also, player families have traditionally been seated throughout the history of College Sports.

This photo shows how empty a stadium is with 80% of the seats empty. This was a conference game (Auburn versus Arkansas). The least expensive seat on the web was $115.

The doors are “literally open” so people don’t touch the door handles. All beverages are bottled (no fountain drinks). Every other toilet/urinal is closed off with tape. Feels like you are attending a zombie apocalypse.

The only really stupid thing is in the yellow box in the photo. The team members are spaced 6 feet apart on folding chairs. Why? No real reason for this. The players practice without masks. Have team huddles, etc…… but then they go to individual “bad kid time out chairs” when play resumes.

This is probably the only game we will be able to attend all season. This makes it the fewest basketball games I’ve seen live since I was probably 5 years old – except the four years I was in the doctoral program.

Looking forward to the end of the plague.

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