Turn 1: Poland Invaded

Before crossing the Polish border, Germany makes several moves. First, all forces on the Western Front guarding an attack by France are upgraded to Infantry Weapons 1. Upgrading this turn is critical because you cannot upgrade when you are at war and adjacent to enemy units.

The German Navy is recalled to port. One sub has easy sailing from the West coast of Denmark. A cruiser and a submarine are far out in the North Atlantic. They both use fast naval travel (Naval Cruise) to quickly move them towards Germany.

I lack the points to purchase any new research. My one point in Rocket Weapons research is cancelled returning 75 points. Researching rockets is very expensive and multiple levels must be completed to have the range to hit British resources and cities. Long Range Bombers are less expensive and a lot more flexible.

Poland September 1, 1939 – If you take Warsaw Poland will surrender. My objective is to punch through on three weak spots in the Polish lines to open up an attack on Warsaw on Turn 3. First, a corps takes Danzig since it is an important victory objective. The battles progress very well with minimum casualties.

Poland Before Invasion
Poland Attack Phase 1
End of Initial Attacks in Poland

By the end of the initial battles several units including one Armored unit are in range of Warsaw. One Calvary detachment in the North is isolated. It will be very difficult for the Poles to defend Warsaw for long.

The Polish Airforce was destroyed. When my medium bombers attacked at the beginning of the invasion, the Polish Fighter Planes scrambled – pinpointing their location. The Poles were understrength and were mauled by my Fighter Escort. German tactical bombers destroyed the remainder of the Polish Airforce on the ground.

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