Turn 2: Warsaw Captured!

September 15, 1939. The repositioning of Polish forces gives Germany an opportunity. Warsaw is only garrisoned by a Garrison Unit. Garrisons are quite weak. The Northern approach to Warsaw is covered by a 1 strength point infantry army. The 7 strength point infantry army guarding Warsaw’s west can be easily flanked by the armor unit.

Warsaw Might Fall this Turn if a Good Strategy is Followed

To capture Warsaw this turn the attack sequence is vital. The north units start the offensive. The Army destroys the remnants of the Polish Army. Then the two Infantry Corps take position adjacent to Warsaw. Then all of the ground attack and medium fighters bomb the Warsaw garrison.

Next the 7 point army is damaged and retreats due to a combination of Infantry and Armor attacks. Last, the German Armor moves directly adjacent to the Warsaw Garrison and destroys it. This attack sequence is successful and Warsaw falls on turn 2!

Direct Route to Attacking Warsaw is Open to German Armor

After Warsaw falls German units move West towards France. If projected attacks forecast little to no casualties, then attacks are made to increase combat experience. Other Polish forces are surrounded.

End of Poland Campaign With German Forces Moving Towards France

In the West front line units are reinforced or moved into the line. The Fighters are upgraded.

The Cruiser and Submarine units use speedy Naval Cruise and reach the seas due North of Denmark without damage.

Germany and Italy both buy one reach chit for Industrial Technology. Industrial Technology is the most important research goal because it determines the overall economic productivity of a nation. That productivity can be used to build military forces, engage in other research, apply diplomatic pressure, and reinforce damaged units. In a long war, economic productivity is a key aspect of Victory.

I’m surprised that I had the opportunity to take Warsaw on turn 2. The AI usually guards Warsaw better. But a narrow path to a quick victory was open and Germany was able to snatch it!

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