Pre-War Preparation: Spring 1940 Strategic Command WW2 War In Europe

Turn 8: Feb 10, 1940 – Germany turns down the opportunity to construct an aircraft carrier that would launch in 1942. Germany upgrades all current armor to armor technology 1. Italy purchased research in Industrial Technology. Troops continue to move through the snow to their war positions.

Turn 9: March 23, 1940 – Germany authorizes and spend the resources to invade Denmark and Norway in April, 1940.

A scheduled deployment of a tactical bomber and an armored unit occurred. In this scenario there are units which are scheduled to appear as part of the scenario that were on the planning books when the war breaks out in 1939. Most of these deployments are naval units, but a few are ground or air units. This is in contrast to units I spend current resources to purchase.

The UK and France sent aid to Finland. This highly annoyed Stalin and drove the USSR closer to the Axis.

Turn 10, April 14, 1940 – Germany occupies Denmark and Norway. The Norway occupation is scripted because in reality it was pretty amazing that Germany managed to take Norway given the strength of the Royal Navy. In game terms, this is a “Pearl Harbor event.” In almost every game I’ve played, Pearl Harbor is handled by special rules. Achieving that degree of surprise is impossible from a game standpoint because it was so improbable that such good results would happen. Similarly, Germany taking Norway especially the successful landings further North are so unlikely to happen that the game designers abstracted this event.

Germany purchased an additional advanced fighter unit for the Western Front. Medium bombers arrived but could not be upgraded for better ground attack.

Italy purchased research in Infantry Weapons.

German troops on the border reinforced to 10 with upgrades to air and land units for Infantry Warfare, Advanced Tanks, and Advanced Aircraft. Everything is as ready as I can make it for an invasion of the Low Countries in May. My troop deployment is below.

Troop Deployment For Invading the Low Countries

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