Kneecapping France – Turns 15-16 Strategic Command WW2 AAR

Turn 15: July 21, 1940

Starting French morale is 40%. Starting position screenshot follows:

Starting Positions July 21, 1940

The army guarding Paris was hit by 2 medium bomber and 3 ground attack bombers.  Then the army was in sequence by German armies then taken by attacks from 2 German armored units. Paris Falls!

Le Harve and Dijon were also captured. Two French armies and 2 corps were destroyed. French morale at the end of the turn was 36%. End positions were:

In other news, Germany buys 1 Industrial Tech and 1 Production tech. Italy put a HQ and an Army on transports for Libya. I’m expecting Italy to enter the war next turn and it will become quite hazardous to cross the Med once Italy joins the axis.

Turn 16: August 4, 1940 – France offered a conditional surrender – the Vichy deal. The offer was turned down. France then transferred her government to Algeria along with a HQ unit and an unknown number of troops. French morale then magically returned to 100%!

Italy joins the axis. My plan has been for Italy to concentrate on Africa and let Germany rampage in Europe. The starting positions for August 4, 1940 are:

Starting Positions August 4, 1940

The most dangerous unit in the French Armed Forces is the upgraded Heavy Armor unit South of Paris. The heavy tanks were first hit with 3 Ground Attack and 2 Medium Bombers. Only then did German armor move to destroy the French armor. Additional French units were destroyed and several cities taken including Verdun. French troops on the Maginot Line were cut off from the rest of France to prevent their redeployment.

By the end of the turn French Morale had dropped from 100% to 92%. Final positions are below:

Let us recap where German Research stands. Germany has maxed out research in: Command & Control; Infantry Warfare; Aerial Warfare; Armored Warfare; Mobility and Artillery.  Germany purchased research in Ground Effect weapons and Naval Warfare.

Italy successfully reinforced and moved most of her ground combat power to Africa. Below is a screenshot of Italian forces in Libya.

Italian Forces in Libya

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