Paris Threatened: Turn 14 July 7, 1940 Strategic Command AAR

Turn 14: July 7, 1940

This was a great turn for research advances. Germany obtained production technology 2 and industrial technology 1. Germany can now invest 500 more production points in research. Italy obtained industrial technology 1, logistics 1, and long range aircraft 1. Italy can now invest up to 750 points in research. Italy purchased one point in Industrial Technology research.

The advances in Industrial Technology are the most important. The better your industrial technology, the more resource points your economy produces. Industrial technology generates the “cash” to fund everything else in the game.

Below is the start of the turn. The allies withdrew out of spotting range before Paris, except for the bizarre decision to leave a French Fighter unit exposed. Wow! German ground troops will destroy those planes on the ground.

Turn Start

German aircraft have taken losses from allied aircraft. Several ground units, especially one armor unit reduced to 50% strength desperately need reinforcement. Germany spent their resource points on reinforcements this turn and made no research expenditures.

Although Germany ends up capturing a lot of ground this turn and destroying more of the French Army, the most important thing that happened was reinforcing aircraft, troops, and moving forces into position to capture Paris.

This is the situation on the ground after the German attacks:

End of Turn 14

The French Fighter Unit was easily destroyed on the ground. One French Army and one French Corps were also destroyed. Reims, Calais, Chalons, Rouen and Sedan were captured. Four units including three units of armor are all one hex away from Paris.

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