Turns 17 to 21, August 18 to October 25, 1940: Strategic Command WW2 AAR

The War in France is winding down so I’m posting the results of five turns at one time. Oddly, Germany never attacked Luxemburg. If you take it there is minimal production and only 15 one-time resource points for looting the country. Luxemburg remains free to be a home for spies, intrigue, and under-the-table deal making.

Turn 17: August 18, 1940 : Germany obtained anti-tank level 1 research. New Zealand and Australian troops arrive in Egypt. Germany destroyed two armies, one corps and a group of tactical bombers were caught by advancing ground forces. Strasberg, Nancy, Epinal, Belfort, Orleans, Tours and Poitiers were captured.

Start of August 18, 1940 Turn

French morale is again declining reaching 87% but morale in the United Kingdom is surprisingly high after being run out of continental Europe at 98%. Below are the lines at the end of the turn:

End of August 18 turn

Italian Forces never invaded France. I need the Italians to hold onto Libya and Germany can easily crush Southern France.

On the weird news front, Italy invested in “Human Torpedoes” to strike allied shipping in the Med. I had never heard of these before playing this game. You can even build scale models of this oddity from toy companies.

Turn 18: Sept 1, 1940 – Germany finished research on Infantry Weapons 2. This is a crucial piece of technology and the last ground combat advancement available to Infantry. Most forces in the game are infantry, so getting this before your enemies can help. A Battleship and an HQ unit arrived. The HQ will be sent to supervise the Air Force units attacking the Royal Air Force in the UK.

Germany purchased research in Long-Range Aircraft and Naval Weaponry. Italy purchased Armored Warfare Research. Italy started behind Germany, the UK, and France in most military technology.

Germany mediated a territorial dispute between Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania to the displeasure of Romanians. This should prod Hungary and Bulgaria to join the Axis sooner.

England had been launching Strategic and Tactical bomber attacks on French cities. This turn German counter-attacks destroyed one group of Fighters and one group of Tactical Bombers based in England. The air force units were spotted because they kept attacking without changing locations.

French Morale dropped to 82% after 9 French cities were captured. The situation at the end of Turn 18 is below.

Turn 19: Sept 15, 1940 – Japan attacked French holdings in IndoChina running into little resistance. Much of the German Army has been upgraded with Infantry Weapons 2.

Only 1 unit survives on the Maginot Line. French morale has fallen to 70%. Not much is left in Europe under French control as can be seen below:

France Close to Fully Occupied by Germany

Turn 20: October 3, 1940 – The campaign in France is over. Only one interior city is unoccupied. French Morale has fallen to 57%.

In Research, Germany discovered Spying and Intelligence 1 and started researching Amphibious Warfare. Italy started research in Advanced Tanks. Germany also purchased one point in diplomatic bribes targeting the Soviet Union.

French forces in Tunesia are pressuring the Italians on the Western Border of Libya. British Commonwealth forces are pressuring the Italians on the Eastern Border of Libya. Italy has an HQ unit on both fronts to provide adequate supply. However, Italian troops are technologically inferior (and thus vulnerable) to both the French and the British. The situation in North Africa is below:

Libya October 3, 1940

Turn 21: October 25, 1940 : Hungary joined the Axis! The last city in mainland France was occupied. In the air war, Germany destroyed a British Strategic Bomber unit and a Fighter Unit in Southern England. This should at least pause the pinprick air raids in France.

In research, Germany obtained Advanced Tanks level 2 and Advanced Submarines level 1. Germany started additional research in Advanced Tanks.

Germany purchased a Mechanized Infantry unit with the Infantry Weapons level 2 and Mobility technologies. Mechanized Infantry has two attacks per turn like armor, but their attacks are more like an army than a tank unit.

Italian forces in Libya were attacked on both fronts, but so far they have been able to hold their ground.

Libya October 25, 1940

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